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Editorial: After the election

By Alan OldStudent Friday, Nov 6 2015 Editor and Webmaster — —

Right now, I’m feeling immensely proud of 15 Now Tacoma and what each one of us has done. We 15-Now-Tacoma volunteers can hold our heads high and pump our fists in the air. We’ve been fierce and valiant warriors, and we’ve won […]

How to Vote Yes on 1— Outwitting the Nay Sayers

The special interests and the Chamber of Commerce have taken measures that needlessly confuses the voters. It will be easy to vote against Measure 1 and the $15/hour minimum wage by accident. This video explains the pitfalls and how to be a wary and effective voter this November.

Vote YES on Initiative 1!


15 Now Tacoma Endorses Spokane Worker Rights Initiative

A group called Envision Spokane (ES) is sponsoring a ballot initiative that would enact a so-called “Workers’ Bill of Rights.” The Spokane City Council referred ES’s proposal, Initiative 2015-2 to be placed on Spokane’s November ballot after ES had gathered the required number of signatures to qualify it for the ballot.

However, the Mayor and […]