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Updated March 24, 2015

Help make Tacoma the City of Destiny!

The 15 Now Tacoma Campaign Needs You! Volunteers wanted to collect approximately 3500 valid signatures! This is to get $15/hr minimum wage on the ballot in November 2015.

You can help by gathering signatures from your friends, family, at your church, holiday gatherings, school, union, work (when you are off the clock!) etc.

We will provide you with a custom 15 Now Tacoma clipboard, petitions, voter registration cards, donation envelopes and brief training. Message us or email us at

Check out the new Signature Gathering Opportunity calendar. If an item appears to be of interest, just click on it, and it will expand, showing the details. If you want to participate, you may leave a comment at the bottom of this list if you wish.

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(Information taken from Sarah M’s Facebook posts and emails)

Action Group General Meeting, Jan 10, 2015!

Meeting at FUMC, 01/10/2014A


Join 15 Now Tacoma for our weekly action group meeting, Jan 10, 2015. Learn about and help get Proposition 1 on the ballot in November of 2015. It will raise the minimum wage in Tacoma to $15 per hour.

Child care will be provided at the meeting. Just email us and let us know that you are bringing your child(ren) so that we can be prepared. Contact Sarah for more info: 253-973-8153

Why Tacoma Needs A $15/Hour Minimum Wage

Did you know that the poverty rate in 2013 in Tacoma was 17.7%? That’s according to UW Today, a University of Washington website.

worst-fearThe PediaCities webpage also cites this same 17.7% figure. And as ironic as it may seem, PediaCities also tells us that Tacoma has an unemployment is 6.3%. Doesn’t that tell you that there must be a hell of a lot Tacomans living at or below the poverty line who actually have jobs?

Moreover, the poverty line figures are ridiculously out of date and unrealistic. Did you know that the US government poverty rate comes to $11,670 a year for a single person and $19,790 a year for a family of three? Oxfam America reports that at least 25% of American workers have low-wage jobs and 40% of American families live at or below 200% of the ridiculous official poverty line.
No doubt, Tacoma is in the low-average end of this range.

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How Can You Help Raise Tacoma’s Minimum Wage?

The 15/Now Tacoma coalition needs your help in getting an initiative on the ballot to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour in our city. If you think that a person who works hard all week should earn a living wage, please help our coalition qualify and pass this initiative in any way you can.

Here’s a list of things you can do to help:

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