The Faces of 15 Now Tacoma: About the Stories

Stories and Storytellers
Here are a few of the many personal stories supporters of the $15/hour minimum wage have to share with you. These storytellers are workers, often low-wage workers. They’re students in debt for life, retirees, the unemployed, the underemployed. They are part-timers, the people who need to hold several jobs. They are parents of young children, struggling to feed, to educate, and to keep their kids safe. They are adults caring for their housebound and elderly parents. They are the face of 15 Now Tacoma. In fact, they are the face of America today.

Here are their stories:

  1. Brittnie’s Story—For the last 4 years I worked 2 jobs to make ends meet. I work in private home care as a CNA…
  2. Kass’s Story—My name is Kass and I’m a systems analyst for a large high-end retailer. I’m really lucky to have my job…
  3. Sam’s Story—15 dollars for me means a good start to living the life every American deserves…
  4. Dr. Horton’s Story—My name is Dr. LeRoy Horton, I am a dentist with two offices and a long time Tacoma native…
  5. Amanda’s Story—I know the stress of having to work two jobs to make ends meet. I worked…

What’s your story?
So, now it’s your turn!

Tell the world your story! Send us an email with your name and the words “The Faces of 15 Now Tacoma” in the subject line. Be sure to include a small picture, your contact info, your phone number, and the best times to call you.

If you follow the above directions, we promise to read each and every story you send, and we’ll put the best-told stories on our website. As Garrison Keillor likes to say, “Be well, keep in touch, and do good work!”

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