Brittnie: The Faces of 15 Now Tacoma

As told to Mike Plaid
Wednesday, Aug 13, 2015
Reprinted from a Facebook Post

For the last 4 years I worked 2 jobs to make ends meet. I work in private home care as a CNA. I regularly work 16-hour shifts. When overtime is available, I can’t afford not to take it, which ends up putting me at 24 hours a day at times. Yesterday was my first day off in nearly 2 weeks. I have to do this even if it means sacrificing my mental, physical, and emotional health. During these times I am constantly in flight mode, on edge, and frustrated because I am running from one job to the next, one client to the other. Needless to say I am unable to find the time to relax and enjoy life. Some days, I don’t have time for a decent meal and have to keep my tooth brush in my purse.

If the minimum wage was $15, I could work a normal 40 hours a week and sleep in my bed at night. I could afford to vacation. I could save money, clean my house every day, and volunteer in the community I live in. I would have time to spend with my nieces and nephews and still afford to buy them gifts. I would be able to afford and have time to go to a loved one’s out-of-state funeral. Two years ago my granny passed away, and all I could say was I don’t have the money. My little sister had her first baby. I couldn’t see him until he was 7 months. My family is so important to me. Being a part of community is important to me. But without the time to engage and participate, the way I or any of us feel is reduced to jargon. Have we forgotten that we are human beings?

I am not a f*cking robot!!!