Help Build the “Raise the Wage” Rally, 6/30/2015

Help us build RAISE UP TACOMA’s rally to take place on June 30, 3:30 to 5 PM! At 5 PM, the attendees will march to the City Council chambers at 747 Market Street and will fill the chambers for the City Council meeting.

The rally itself takes place at the Theater of the Square at 916 Broadway in Tacoma.. We will march to the rally a bit after it begins.

The City Council will consider the Minimum Wage Task Force’s (MWTF) counterproposals to Proposition 1. You are invited to sign up to testify about that to the City Council. Sign-up sheets will be available at about 5 in the City Council chambers at 747 Market Street.

Our 15 Now Tacoma contingent will be demanding (A) $15/hour NOW (B) No phase in, (C) No watered-down ballot measures. Please wear your red 15-Now tee shirt if you have one, or anything else bright red if you don’t have one. Join our 15 Now Tacoma contingent at the “Raise the Wage Rally.” The Paper Tiger Collective will have some 15 Now Tacoma red shirts available for a $10 donation to help raise funds for Proposition 1.